Latin Club takes an alternative route to fundraising

Art Boettge, staff writer

E Pluribus Unum, meaning “out of many, one” originates from Greek philosopher Heraclitus’s writing. This motto was quoted often during the 2018 graduation address by EHS principal, Andrew Beaton, who used the phrase to highlight what is best about the way of life at EHS. In many ways, E Pluribus Unum could also be the catchphrase of the EHS Latin Club’s annual fundraiser.  

This fundraiser had started earlier this year and went on for about a month. Not only does the fundraiser on raise much needed money, club members also work together toward a common goal. From  “The money this year is going to the AP Latin course for seniors, which is kind of expensive, so the money from this goes to helping as my people as possible take the course.” sophomore Linnea Shively said. According to sophomore and Latin student Zack Lugo, “Because this is a public school, the course itself is free, but paying for the college credit can be a bit expensive.”

Barnes and Noble in the Galleria donated a portion of the proceeds from the day to the Latin Club, but the Latin Club also offers a twist. Many members of the Latin Club from all grades attended at the fundraiser, and almost all of the students in Latin were involved in some way. Latin Club members set up a table inside the Barnes and Noble store and offer free gift wrapping. Customers then had the option to tip the amount of their choice all of which went directly to the Latin Club. The fundraiser was very successful for the Latin Club and will hopefully for Barnes and Noble customers. Latin Club members willing to volunteer their time to save customers the hassle of wrapping presents was a win-win situation, or as they say in Latin, a quid pro quo.