High School Musical 4

Over the years, Disney Channel has made many changes to their company. From remodeling their logo, creating sequels, and Disney classics, the business has received a very mixed reaction. Recently, the company produced multiple new original series and films, but one of their newest projects is a continuation of the High School Musical franchise.

Disney announced their casting plans for High School Musical 4 in early January of this year. Writers Peter Barsocchini, who wrote all three original movies, and Dan Berendsen, writer of “Hannah Montana: The Movie” will co-write for the fourth installment. While the original HSM cast will not be starring in the new movie, Disney is conducting an open online casting call. Who knows, maybe YOU could be the next Zac Efron!

Auditions are open to people ages 14 to 17, starting April 18 through May 2. To audition, you must download the Disney Applause App and submit a short audition video there. Your audition must include a read through of the released script, as well as a song of your choice through the chorus. Videos will only be considered through the 120 second mark. You can find a link to the script on Disney Channel’s website.

As the movie will be including a new cast, it will also be featuring new characters. The plot does not center around basketball anymore, but the new students do play for the East High Wildcats’ soccer team. The characters include: Erin, the only girl on the boys’ soccer team. She falls for the “bad boy” Derek, and doesn’t know whether they should be together or not. Derek, who falls for Erin in return, is a talented dancer and soccer player. Though he seems tough on the outside, he still teaches dance to the little kids at his family’s dance studio. Campbell is Sharpay and Ryan’s younger cousin, who also happens to be crushing on Erin. He is a theater star and the soccer team’s captain– basically, a mini Troy Bolton. Tamara is East High’s top cheer squad member and former queen bee who tries to reclaim her position at the top of the social ladder. Nathalie is Erin’s loyal best friend: a peppy cheerleader on the East High cheerleading squad and number one Wildcats supporter.

While the movie’s release date has not yet been disclosed, rumor has it that the movie is expected in late 2017. Hopefully, that’ll give the new stars enough time to get their head in the game, so they can succeed in bopping to the top. Get ready, it’s the start of something new!