Downhill skiing is going uphill

Edina’s Alpine Skiing Team anticipates a successful season

Michael Crater, staff writer

In 1936, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, the Winter Olympics are starting. A new sport is on the list; downhill skiing, It would eventually become a favorite among much of the world, especially in Minnesota.

Edina is anticipating a triumphant year. From fresh skis to new teammates, there’s a lot of new variables that could make this ski season the greatest yet, such as new freshman racers and new captains.  

After many months off the skis, it takes time to get back to peak performance. “It’s easy to bring back old habits when skiing for the first time in several months, but I’m excited to be back on skis and back on the slopes,” sophomore Henry Drew said. As a returning skier, he knows that it takes time to break old habits and become the best racers they can.

In becoming the best racers they can be, they are excited to train alongside the new freshman racers. “I’m excited to get to know the team more and meet the new freshmen. The best part is the ease of getting to know other members of the team, particularly skiers from other classes both older and younger. It’s a very good social thing in addition to improving your ski racing,” Drew said.

Having a good social aspect seems to be vital in having a team that works well together. GGood captains are equally if not more important. “It’s definitely our job to be the people who hype up the rest of the team, before races and at pasta dinners. We want to make this a community that people feel really comfortable in and we want to get people really excited for the season and everything that is a part of it,” senior AAlpine CCaptain Caroline Sprenkle said.

A team that is whole is a team that will compete well, so the captains are taking on the task of unifying the team. The captains hosts events and fundraisers to get the team together. “We organize some team events and some fundraisers, as well as coordinate with the coaches,” senior alpine captain Carl Berghult said.

With these captains and new freshman racers, Sprenkle and Berghult are expecting another great season. “I’m super excited for the season, it’s going to be fun. We have such a good group of people, and the freshmen are a super fun addition this year, so I’m excited to see how it all plays out,” Sprenkle said.