Orchestra Concerto Concert

Colette Bruder, opinion editor

On Tuesday March 8th the Edina High School Orchestra’s came together to perform the spring Concerto Concert. Philharmonic, Varsity, Symphony and chamber orchestra each performed pieces at this concert, ranging from G.F Handel to Carl Ditters Von Dittersdorf.

“It’s showing off the fact that Edina has amazing performers and that are orchestra is actually good enough to be almost on par with them, even though they are amazing,” said Symphony Concertmaster Olivia Chen.

Erica Rempert, Principal Base in Symphony Orchestra, performed Dittersdorf’s Concerto in D Major. Kjell Redbath sang a solo alongside symphony with a song entitled Non Piu Andrai from Marriage of Figaro by W.A Mozart. Symphony Principal Violist, John Paul Shoemaker continued with Allegro Vivace by Bela Bartok. “They played really well and we were just there to make sure they sound better. They sounded great,” said Chen.

However, many were most impressed with Junior and Symphony Principal Cellist Elliot Johnson’s Allegro by Edward Elgar. “I like them all but I would probably say Elliot’s concerto was my favorite because he is really good and I like listening to it,” said Viola Section Leader for Varsity Orchestra, Julia Eckberg.  She was not alone in this belief. “My favorite piece was the Elgar because that is one of favorite cello contero’s ever even before I knew Elliot. He played it really well,” said Chen.  

It was not easy preparing for this performance. “Some of the challenges mostly centered around practicing in Fick [Auditorium] because it is so hot and you feel like dying when you practice there,” said Eckberg. Furthermore, it was hard for the orchestra to practice in Fick. “Pops was going on so we couldn’t rehearse in Fick until a week before our performance which was stressful but I think we did alright” said Chen.

“We had a bunch of other concerts and performances so we spent of a lot time preparing for that so we didn’t rehearse this music very much” said Chen “I think everyone tried their hardest and we sounded really good. All the Concerto’s were amazing and I didn’t see anyone asleep in the audience,” said Eckberg.