Edina Girls’ Soccer generates continued success

Maren Fullerton, staff writer

The Edina Girls’ Soccer team continues to sprout Division I athletes from North Carolina to Wisconsin. A team headed by an Edina High School alumna, the girls show their advanced athleticism year after year with high state rankings and exceptional athletes. How does the program compete every year in the toughest conference in Minnesota? The answer lies in the persisting success of talented athletes that come through the program. 

Last season, a large group of EHS Girls’ Soccer team players graduated to become division one athletes. Sophia Boman, a well known player at Edina, won Ms. Soccer as well as other state recognitions, and she is currently playing soccer at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities this year. Similarly, Jessie Hunt plays for the University of Wisconsin- Madison, a team that is nationally ranked 12 according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The entire defensive line graduated in the class of 2020, leaving new players with a high standard set. Even with the loss of many outstanding players, Edina continues to be dominant this year with only one loss. Captain Emma Frommelt and forward Maddie Dahlien return as Division I commits from last year’s team. A high expectation for work ethic is set by talented athletes, clearing the way for a powerful team year after year. Dahlien takes leadership into her own hands. “I think a big piece is leading by example. This means always giving 110% and showing high intensity and competitiveness for the game,” she said. By doing this, she sets an example for the rest of the team about what it takes to be an elite player. Dahlien has also been inspired by players in years past who have shown her how to work on, and off the field to achieve their goals. Their success is attributed to team chemistry. “A good balance of fun and hard, competitive work. We all want to get better so we like to push each other everyday,” junior Wesley Macmiller said. The chemistry created by a team hoping to win sections and have a shot at state next year is one of a bonded community pushing each other to get better at each practice. 

With high expectations for coming years, it is clear that the success of the Edina Girls’ Soccer team comes not from a lucky draw of athletes, but from a repeated environment of work ethic and leadership. This is why, while Wayzata, Minnetonka, and other schools may have the occasional elite team, Edina will continue to eclipse them as more talented athletes develop in a tough program.