EHS Hip-Hop team prepares for upcoming season

A look into how they’re practicing in order to face their busy schedule this season

Sadie Johnson Sieben, staff writer

Although the  Edina High School Hip-Hop Dance Team has been in existence in 2006, the team still manages to bring new material in each performance. While the team is well known for performing at EHS pep fests, they also perform at many other events throughout the year. The manager of the team, senior Arleth Ulloa, told Zephyrus where they will be performing this season: “We have an Eden Prairie Showcase, the homecoming parade and halftime, other pre games and the EHS multicultural show.” When the team was first established its goal was to be a “fun and super diverse group compared to other teams, but we wanted it to be really relaxed and a super fun environment to be in,” Ulloa said.“I coordinate practice spaces, and make sure all applications for performances are in,” Ulloa added about her duties as manager

The team is taught choreography by their coach Ariel Enriquez. Enriquez was one of the first students to establish the team in 2006. He graduated in 2009 and is a 2011 World Champion hip-hop dancer. Since the team has become more prominent they have 3-4 practices a week for about two hours. During those practices, the team will stretch and run through all their choreography. If the team has extra time they will then do a team building activity or learn new cadences for football games.

Sophomore Ingrid Anderson is a new member this year and has had a great experience so far.  “When I first started the team I had no knowledge of dancing whatsoever and throughout the time I’ve developed more as a dancer. I’ve also learned how to associate moves with counts and beats. The team helped me listen to music more attentively,” Anderson said. Anderson elaborated on the stress of having to dance in front of the rest of the team: “I was scared that everyone would judge me because everyone else was more experienced.” The team is very inclusive and tries to develop good teamwork skills. Anderson also expressed her desire to continue being on the team in upcoming years.