Annie Lund, staff writer


Olivia Wegmann-Krider

“Take it easy.”

Whitney Horton, section editor

First-year staff writer Annie Lund has impacted Zephyrus greatly by displaying her positivity and love for journalism. From writing features about her peers to creating an album review for the newspaper’s front cover, Annie has continuously demonstrated her optimism. “My first article that I ever wrote was the best experience; I’d never done anything like that before,” Annie said. Despite being a first-year staff member, Annie developed a huge presence in the Zephyrus community through her bubbly personality and unique sense of humor. You can often catch her cracking jokes and laughing with different staff members, lighting up the room with her energy.

Annie first heard about Zephyrus in her English class junior year, which immediately sparked her interest in journalism. “I’ve always been good at writing and enjoyed being in a creative classroom, so I thought it would be fun to add Zephyrus on as an extracurricular, and I’m so glad I did,” Annie said. During her time on staff, Annie has developed countless new journalism skills while also making an impact on the Zephyrus community. “My favorite part of Zephyrus was making and building new friendships at the beginning of the year and throughout the school year,” Annie said.  

Outside of Zephyrus, Annie holds many leadership positions at Edina. From being a four-year player on Edina High School’s Girls’ Hockey team, a 212 leadership team cabinet member, and a member of the 2022 EHS homecoming court, Annie has continuously shown her involvement and dedication to Edina. She’s also very involved with Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and loves to go to concerts and travel. 

Though she’s sadly leaving us this year, Annie’s tremendous impact will not be forgotten. Next fall, Annie plans to attend the University of Kansas where she will major in journalism. “I had a really hard time deciding on colleges and I had toured so many that I was stressed out. So I just went out on a limb and chose a college that wasn’t even on my radar. Rock Chalk!” Annie said. 

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on May 18, 2023.