Valentine’s Day gifts for the most important person in your life: you

Take time to focus on what (or who) really matters

Greyson Mize, sports & activities beat lead

While Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of celebration and happiness for some, those without a significant other in February often find themselves bored and unhappy. Treat yourself this year with one or more of these Valentine’s Day gifts picked especially for one.

La Croix: This Wisconsin-born carbonated drink is the perfect pairing to a quiet night at home. While the fun and colorful exterior of a La Croix can promises a tame yet fulfilling experience, the first sip will leave you with more disappointment and envy than enjoyment, exactly like a single Valentine’s Day!

Airpods: Have you had enough of being single and alone on the day of love? Hopeless rejoice, by the end of the night a pair of Apple Airpods will earn you a statistical median of 12 marriage proposals. The sleek, expensive, and ridiculously losable exterior of the pods will assert your high class and tell your crush that you’re not messing around when it comes to music or love.

Lonely Liam’s Fishing Excursion: Ever heard there’s other fish in the sea? Take that saying to the extreme this Valentine’s Day with this three-week boating and fishing adventure on Lake Superior. While you’re on the great lake catching trout, walleye, sturgeon, and seasickness, Lonely Liam will tell you about his ex-wife and assure you that love isn’t real.

Taco Jim’s All-Inclusive Lonely Hearts Buffet: Sad eating is a time-honored tradition for single people of all ages when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Unwind at this expansive yet inexpensive buffet that comes complete with an ice cream parlor, vegan and gluten-free options, and a fake fortune teller that will predict a relationship is in your near future.

Bird Box Brand Blindfold: Are you a diehard Bird Box fan who’s tired of seeing joyful couples rub their happiness in your face? Look no further, literally! The Bird Box Brand Blindfold will block out everything from old crushes to Nick Jonas’ wedding photos, all while making a subtle and stylish fashion statement.