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    personFeb 1, 2024 at 3:46 pm

    25k+ Palestinians are killed (mostly women and children), condemned by the ICJ as illegal war crimes. But no go ahead and say people are “whipping themselves into a frenzy” this is biased coverage and you should be ashamed to run this story. Judaism is not Zionism.

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      AnonymousFeb 15, 2024 at 8:25 pm

      1. Yes, the death of innocent civilians is heartbreaking. Hamas is 100% to blame for this. Their militants deliberately operate from and store weapons in school, hospitals, and mosques. And if that wasn’t enough, they wear ordinary civilian clothing to blend in with the Palestinians that they use as human shields.

      2. The ICJ did not take any action against Israel and urged it to take all necessary steps to prevent a genocide. The IDF actively takes measures to reduce civilian casualties as much as possible.

      3. There’s a difference between peacefully protesting and chanting “Israel will see its fate” and “From the river to the sea” which is considered antisemitic by many Jews. And no, you don’t get to decide what’s antisemitic and what isn’t. Did you even read the article?

      4. Yes, Zephyrus has issues with bias. Especially that article where they endorsed Al Jazeera.

      5. Judaism and Zionism are not the same thing, but Zionism is a key part of many Jews identity.

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        JSFeb 22, 2024 at 3:05 pm

        A few additional considerations:
        1. The use of human shields by Hamas is a war crime according to the International Law of War. When trying to wipe out stores of weapons, one must strike where the weapons are. Palestinians have been encouraged and assisted in clearing out of such areas when they are willing.
        2. Hamas has gotten a great deal of money and supplies from several countries which have, for the most part, gone to feeding their war machinery instead of their people. Meanwhile, 80 % of the Gaza populace lives in abject poverty.
        3. The Palestinian people elected Hamas to govern their country, yet Hamas has shown little interest in actually governing. (see #2)
        4. The principles of the Hamas movement show that they consider their purpose in life to wipe Israel and Israelis off the map. That is genocide. Israel has demonstrated no intent to wipe out all Arab peoples, which would be genocide.

        Deaths–whether Israeli, Palestinian, Ukrainian, Russian, American, or others–are always deplorable, even as a result of warfare. This, however, is a far more complex scenario than many marchers seem willing to consider.