Susan Host: Helping every unique student succeed at EHS


Bennett Crater

EHS teacher Susan Host retires after over 30 years.

Olivia Brinkman, staff writer

After 30 years as a special education teacher at Edina High School, Susan Host has built thousands of relationships with every personality type imaginable. “I’m a people person,” Host said, smiling at the recollection of greeting students and teachers in the morning. 

When Host reached college, the teaching style of special education stood out to her. “I decided I really liked working with smaller groups of kids and helping them see that their abilities might be different than other people, but they still can do great things,” she said. “I knew that Edina was a place that I’d always wanted to be.”

Throughout her career, Host built many meaningful connections with her students, which was something she loved the most about her job. “You really get to know them as people rather than just as students, so that’s been really fun,” she said. 

Host connected with many teachers as well. “My colleagues are great and the kids are great, I work with some of the most amazing people,” she added. Host believes this positive learning environment has significantly contributed to the success of her students. “It’s a team effort, [EHS teachers and students are] working toward the same goals and objectives,” she said.

However, special education did not come without challenges, as Host had to manage multiple personalized learning plans daily. “Things can be hard at times, but it all kind of falls into place,” she said. Host reflected on her students’ success as the overall highlight of her career. “I love seeing the look on kids’ faces when they know they can achieve what they want to achieve, I love being able to help kids recognize their potential,” she said.

Host’s values of grit and diligence drove her to overcome every obstacle thrown in her path. “I’ve always lived with the philosophy that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. So put your mind to whatever goals you have, and work hard to achieve them. Don’t wait for other people to make it happen, go out and do it for yourself.” 

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on May 18, 2023.