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Aloniab Sirak

Aloniab Sirak, Staff Writer

Aloniab (he/him) is looking forward to his first year on Zephyrus after finally emerging from his cold, dark, den known as “the strip mall” as a changed man. In addition to being really, really cool, he enjoys making music, editing videos, and consuming 90’s American sitcoms more than food. He’s usually upbeat, but sometimes sits on his windowsill brooding on his dark and mysterious past. As an inner-city kid, he loves late-night trips downtown, unwinding at one of his many unknown hangouts scattered around, and harassing the Dinkytown locals (ask him about the insomnia cookies Karen). He also enjoys hunting for obscure wildlife reserves in Minnesota, dropping random inspirational quotes, and looking into the shower puddle. He just loves looking into the shower puddle. Don’t ask him why. He just does.

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Aloniab Sirak