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Annika Kieper

Pictured from left to right: Farhia Osman and Sophie Cannon

Edina High School…six foot tall jocks, academically driven overachievers, intense teachers with shouting tendencies, large hallways that are too easy to get lost in, and lastly, two brilliant aspiring journalists a.k.a. us.

Who are we, you ask? We are Sophie and Farhia, your high school lifesavers who will teach you about how to survive the horror of high school…as we are trying to manage it ourselves. Whether you’re an incoming sophomore stumbling in the halls, or the junior being smushed under their APUSH textbook, or even the senior who is suffering from senioritis, this blog is for you.  For starters though, we thought we’d introduce ourselves:

Hello sleep deprived zombies EHS students! My name is Sophie, and I am a junior here. I have been with Zephryus for two years, and am the culture editor this year. That means I’m always 100% up to date on every trend and fad known to man (and unknown). If you catch me with dark bags under my eyes, it’s only because the new style is “no-sleep-chic”. I enjoy writing, weird indie music, and quoting movies. My spirit cheese is sharp cheddar, and if I could live in any classroom it would be in the publications room because it’s the only room right now that’s not -10º. I hope you all enjoy this blog and we can survive this year together.

Hola! This is Farhia here, and I am also a junior. This being my second year in Zephyrus, I am a features editor. I’ve been told that I am the nicest person they’ve ever met, and I am 100% positive that I will die due to the fact that I laugh too much. I enjoy eating ice cream, and procrastinating my homework, which is a habit that I will try to break, then share with you all. I love spending my time reading a good book, or obsessing over superheros. My favorite letter is “M” and my favorite number is 17. I think that’s all about me, so I wish you all a great year, and hopefully you survive.

With us two, you are sure to live until summer, maybe even have a little fun. So we wish you all the best of luck, and don’t forget to tune in next time!