Meet Nick Clarin and N’namdi Anderson

Homecoming King and Queen Reveal Their Secret Imperial Policies

Annie Amen, staff writer

Edina High School has spoken. Nick Clarin and N’namdi Andersen have been elected as this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. Zephyrus got a chance to speak with the new royalty about castles, pygmy marmosets, and more.


Zephyrus: What does it mean to you to be king/queen?

N’namdi Andersen: It’s definitely an honor, it’s been so great going to Edina High School and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I feel very lucky to be able to go to such a great high school.

Nick Clarin: I feel honored that my classmates and all the people in Edina High School think of me that way, and I’m proud that I was able to represent Edina for a week.


Zephyrus: Let’s assume you were actual, pure blooded royalty. What would be your first law?

N.A.: School would start later for everybody so people could get more sleep.

N.C.: I would make school three days a week.


Zephyrus: What would your castle look like?

N.A.: It would be a bright white, and it would have lots of windows and it would be in the middle of a beautiful field.

N.C.: It would be pimped out. I would have a ten-car garage, I’d have a butler, and all white everything.


Zephyrus: The Queen of England keeps corgis. Would you have a signature animal or pet and what would it be?

N.A.: It would be a pug, because they have the best faces.

N.C.: I would have a pygmy marmoset.


Zephyrus: Any brilliant mastermind plots for your country?

N.A.: I would create an art festival for the country where everyone comes together to make art.

N.C.: I would order that all Noodles and Co. must have a drive-through.


Zephyrus: World domination – yes or no? Why?

N.A.: No, because each country is individual.

N.C.: No. It’s too many people to take care of.


Zephyrus: Make up a royal title for yourself.

N.A.: I would be the Sleeping Queen.

N.C.: King Nick the Gnarly.