Explanation for retraction


Daniel Amborn, Zephyrus Advisor

Zephyrus, as a student journalism publication, desires to learn and hold ourselves to the highest of standards. Procedures and policies are discussed and reviewed with ethics and integrity at the forefront of our minds. That does not mean mistakes won’t be made, by students or staff members. But when they are made, we will acknowledge them.


During the preparation for our December issue, in our editorial process, one of our publication’s internal policies was not fully followed, or more importantly, executed by me, prior to publication of an article regarding the music department. 


Like we desire for all students, when mistakes are made, we work to fix them. The lessons learned help make the students at Zephyrus better journalists. Discussions about journalistic integrity, reviewing and following through with your publication’s policies, and advisors pointing out mistakes when they are made, even their own, allow students to grow in their practice. This educational perspective will allow us to flourish and not hesitate when approaching new, challenging tasks.




Daniel Amborn

Zephyrus Staff Advisor