The Cost of Being on Court

As an Edina student, our community has always taken pride in the tradition of Homecoming and Sweethearts Court. It reminds students how blessed we are to be enrolled in a school that rewards those who are kind, amiable, and respect each others. Many would agree being elected to Court is an honor to one’s character, as well as a once in a lifetime experience.

For some girls on Court, however, it comes with upsetting financial burdens. From getting your hair and nails done with the other girls, buying a dress, and other purchases, the cost of Court adds up to a big commitment that some kids simply cannot afford.

“The dress and the hair and the makeup and the shoes, although merely tradition, and not technically required, are unplanned expenses, and can easily be nauseating for those who are under any sort of financial strain,” said Court participant and senior Tori Adams.

I feel like there is such an expectation at Edina to be able to afford just about anything

— Tori Adams

According to a survey given to the girls on Court this year, the average cost of buying a dress was $190. Not only did they have to pay for a white dress, but the girls also had additional expenses such as Keds, makeup, nails, tie blankets, shoes, and visors to match on Groutfit Day. The average cost of all the additional items added up to $118.

“I feel like there is such an expectation at Edina to be able to afford just about anything, or to somehow make it work, and I would absolutely hate it if some student was put into a position where they felt ashamed due to their family’s financial situation,” said Adams.

It’s especially interesting that girls have to pay so much to be on Court while the guys receive tuxes for free. “I feel like if a company is willing to pay for the men’s tuxedos, a company can pay for the girl’s dresses. It’s a little absurd that girls get this put on them when court is supposed to be an honor, not a bank buster,” said Court member and senior Colin Dobin.

It is unfair that the girls on court are faced with this huge cost while the boys little to no expenses. “It is important that all students who get on court are able to participate in every part of it,” said Court member and senior Julie Johnson.

Being on Court is a huge honor, and I think the student body would agree that no one who is on Court should be put in a position where they are unable to pay or feel left out. “I have no problem admitting that it was definitely a stretch for my family to afford what is necessary for Court, but some people would. And it isn’t fair to put someone in that position,” said Adams.

Court is an amazing tradition that I hope Edina continues for a long time. It brings the school together and gives people an opportunity to be recognized for their character.

“Financial aid for court should be a thing. [Enough] said,” said Adams.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions shared in this article are those of the writer, and not Zephyrus as a whole.