Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Senior Grace White


Zoe Gunderson

Grace White is a senior at EHS.

1. Grace lived in Zurich, Switzerland from 4th grade to 7th grade.

2. She is in love with her dog, Roxy, a Golden doodle, and often kisses her.

3. Grace could eat pulled pork anytime of the day, especially on a waffle.

4. Her dream man is Rob Kardashian.

5. Grace has seen every episode of “How I Met Your Mother” three times.

6. If she were President, she would outlaw bike lanes, and then bikes.

7. Contrary to popular belief, her natural hair color is blonde. The green hair commonly seen at sporting events is just a wig.

8. Grace’s current obsession is Disney Channel. “It’s all I watch,” said Grace of the popular children’s TV channel.

9. The first things Grace looks for in a guy are his socks. The pattern, color and style all factor into the outcome opinion for Grace. Her favorite male sock brand is J.Crew.

10.  Grace is a reality TV junky, her top 4 shows being “Dance Moms”, “Kim of Queens”, “Big Rich Texas”, and “Shahs of Sunset.”