Ranking‌ ‌members‌ ‌of‌ ‌the‌ ‌Hype‌ ‌House‌


Bennett Crater, photographer

Would you want to live in a mansion with all your best friends and get paid to have fun? Then the Hype House is a perfect fit for you! The Hype House emerged as a content house on the social media app TikTok. Through their success and popularity, they have received numerous brand deals drawing attention to many famous media icons, and even earned a reality television series on the popular streaming service Netflix. Here is a comprehensive review of the main characters in the series. 


  1. Alex Warren: Alex is my personal favorite character in the Hype House. He may just be a worse version of YouTube star David Dobrik, but his life story draws my attention. He was forced to live in his car after his father died and his mother abandoned him at the age of 17. Now, he’s a famous YouTuber and Tik Tok star:  I love a success story, especially on a platform like YouTube that can be difficult to gain traction on 
  2. Vinnie Hacker: Vinnie is really chill, which is much appreciated in the hectic environment of the Hype House. What draws people to Vinnie are his obvious good looks and his gaming streams, but beneath that handsome body is a shy boy. I like that Vinnie is quiet and just happy to be in the House. 
  3. Chase Hudson: Chase is a punk rockstar with a toxic personality. He doesn’t help with the House’s content, instead focusing on his music career. Chase doesn’t even live in the Hype House. However, his steadfast commitment to his music dreams is inspiring. 
  4. Jack Wright: Jack is the human equivalent of a Golden Retriever. He always solves disputes and offers great advice on how to keep the house making good content, or works to solve trivial social disputes. 
  5. Kouvr Annon: Kouvr is Alex’s girlfriend and essentially the mother of the House. She loses her temper quite frequently, like when a member of the house had COVID and she screamed her head off at everyone in the house because they weren’t being safe. I love it. Her sassy attitude will remind you of “Real Housewives,” specifically “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” 
  6. Ryland Storms: He has the typical demeanor of any other skater boy, but there’s more to him than his looks. He is more laid back and understanding than other members, he helps settle drama every once in a while, and he never causes problems. 
  7. Thomas Petrou: Thomas is the head of the Hype House; he’s never not working. Thomas reminds me a lot of Toby Flenderson from “The Office.”  It is almost sad to see how hard he works without receiving help.  He never appears to be enjoying himself, which is surprising considering he is living in a California mansion with all his friends.
  8. Michael Sanzone: Michael always possesses energy and not always in an enjoyable way. He acts as if he got denied from joining the popular YouTube channel Nelk. Their pranks satisfy the sense of humor of the average sixth-grader. Michael tries to mimic those pranks with his friends, which is mostly awkward.