Preparing for success: Tips for excelling in AP tests

Marcos Lenehan-Nissen, staff writer

As the academic term hurtles towards its conclusion, the challenging Advanced Placement (AP) exams lay waiting. With the exams commencing on May 1, students have a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and earn college credit (depending on their score).

Start Early

Starting AP exam preparations 30 to 40 days before the exam, or as early as possible, is an essential step towards achieving great results. If individuals procrastinate and put off studying until the last second, it could negatively affect their performance. Give yourself enough time to study the course materials and establish a schedule with regular reviews with a study buddy that can hold you accountable leading up to the exam.

Practice with exams

It is imperative that AP exam participants incorporate practice exams into their study schedule as a means to acquire crucial insights and familiarity with the diverse elements that will be presented on the final test. Furthermore, it is a smart idea to take time to identify your strengths and weaknesses, then prioritize studying the challenging units and topics while still reviewing proficient areas.

Ask for help

In instances where you encounter a difficult concept, it is crucial to not hesitate in seeking outside help.                 You must not overlook the resources that are available but instead explore them in full by seeking assistance from a teacher or someone who has already taken the test. There is an abundance of online guides on YouTube that can help you understand complicated concepts better, or you could even enlist the aid of a tutor for comprehensive guided learning.

Through the implementation of a structured and meticulous study regimen paired with commitment, test-takers can readily confront AP exams without fear, while simultaneously obtaining academic prosperity.

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on April 20.