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New Salad Shop “Crisp & Green” Coming to 50th and France

Cecilia Orth, page editor

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A local salad shop, Crisp & Green, will be expanding into Dinkytown and 50th & France this summer. This Minnesota-based health food restaurant prides itself on providing nutritious and convenient meals while using sustainable ingredients from local farms.

Their menu consists of many witty-titled items such as the Feelin’ Falafel salad, the Get Your Greek On bowl, and the You Feta Believe It salad (only available seasonally). Additionally, the restaurant offers build-your-own options, smoothies, locally-brewed Kombucha on tap, and vegan Rice Crispies.

In an effort to provide a healthy environment for future generations, Crisp & Green has taken responsibility by committing to sustainable farm practices. For the ingredients that local farms can’t provide, the restaurant sources from sustainable purveyors. From there, each ingredient is prepared in the on-site kitchen and the homemade food is delivered to the customer.

The restaurant assembles the meals quickly, believing that customers shouldn’t have to choose between fast and healthy. Junior Ella Haugen said her favorite part is “how easy it is to get healthy food, there are not many healthy fast-food places.” Currently, you can visit its locations in Wayzata and Minneapolis, or in Edina and Dinkytown by summer 2018.

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Cecilia Orth, visual editor

Cecilia Orth wants to live in a world filled with handwritten birthday cards, chai lattés, crocs, and smartwool socks. Cecilia, better known as “CC” is a Hufflepuff, an introvert with great hair, and a (barely) returning Zephyrite. She continues to be the voice of the people. Sorry people. CC does not know if she’ll remain on Zephyrus her senior year because being a professional procrastinator and Netflix junkie are the only jobs she has managed to keep over her idle 17 years of life. As a leader for Project Earth, Backpack Tutors, and Sober Squad, CC will be forcing students to recycle, tutoring academically at-risk students, and saying no to “drugz”. Because she owns the cutest dog in the world, whom she’s emotionally attached to, expect her to arrive 10 minutes later due to the dangerous distraction he poses. CC has created an official email for the amazing people that would like to contact her – [email protected] . That means you, Mom.

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New Salad Shop “Crisp & Green” Coming to 50th and France