The Scoop On EHS Parking Next Year

Christina Orth, news editor

Edina Public Schools’ $125 million renovation, starting promptly after spring break and going until September of 2017, will bring drastic changes to the district facilities. About $60 million of that money will be directly funneled into the improvement of Edina High School’s infrastructure and personalized education, however, the construction to improve learning spaces will cut down on the number of parking spaces.

Specifics are unclear, but it is likely sophomores will not receive any parking passes. Seniors with carpools will be given priority, but the fate of juniors and sophomores with and without zero hours has yet to be decided. The spaces in question will be the home for construction machines and tools, as freshman will be integrated into the high school during the 2017-2018 school year.

The general consensus about parking next year was overall negative. Many expressed their feelings with comments like, “[Screw] that” and “[Screw] the construction.” Students refused to go on record to express their opinion but, nonetheless, reactions were similar. Juniors cried seniority, “A coup d’etat of the class of 2017.” Another said, “Honestly, we’re going to be under construction for the rest of high school, and I just want a parking spot. I hate taking the bus.” Sophomores simply rolled their eyes and exchanged exasperated looks. Security guards have been cracking down in the parking lot, so any chance for continued free parking is unlikely.

While many current EHS students are disgruntled by the new developments, other don’t see the renovations and smaller lot as a big deal. “I think it’s great! I love to carpool. It will alleviate traffic and reduce carbon emissions. As World War II propaganda states, when you ride alone you ride with Hitler!” said junior Sam Parmekar. Junior Sam Henneberg sees this as a perfect opportunity to develop an Edina monorail, a subterranean parking complex or a parking ramp.

As some juniors focus on a more progressive effect, others see it as a way to enforce seniority or make a buck. “Honestly, I don’t care. I’m a senior next year!” said junior Vivek Singh.

Melissa Bernstein chipped in, “I live a block away so I can charge people to park in front of my house. I’ve had two customers so far this year and I’m hoping to gain some more bank next year, especially with those inexperienced squashmores.”

Applying for parking passes next year in a timely manner on Get Connected Day is more important than ever. Talk to your fellow neighbor EHS student and do not procrastinate, no excuses will be accepted.