EHS Experiences Rash of Laptop Thefts

Morgan Sheehy, page editor

In the midst of an already eventful fall at Edina High School, a spate of thefts has left some students wondering their personal property is safe at school.  A handful of laptops were recently stolen from the girls’ locker room, all on the same day in October. EHS is collaborating with school resource officers who are employed by the City of Edina Police Department in order to crack the case.

Officer Dave Boosalis, one of the school resource officers, has been working with the school to track down the thieves and, hopefully, mediate the problem. “Every single one of these thefts has not been a pried-open locker, but an unlocked locker, or [the laptop] has been left on the ground,” Boosalis said.

Sophomore Rachel Hank was a victim of laptop theft this year after leaving her gym locker unlocked. On the same day Hank’s computer was stolen, a second laptop was taken from the girls’ locker room. Hank met with Officer Boosalis, but has yet to hear any verdict on the case. Hank, who never used to lock her gym locker prior to the theft, now encourages others to do what she didn’t. “Lock your locker,” she said. “Set up Find My iPhone or Find My MAC, just in case something does happen.”

According to Officer Boosalis, not once has anyone who has taken preventative measures gotten their laptop stolen. His advice? “Take that extra ten seconds, spin your lock. Confirm that your locker is locked. Be aware of where you leave your things.”

If a student has their computer or any kind of personal device stolen, they should go to the main office and fill out the theft form prior to meeting with Officer Boosalis to file a report with the Edina police. Alternatively, students can track their stolen phones and laptops through Find My iPhone. However, once a computer has been stolen, it can be very difficult to trace. “We’re thinking that [the laptops] are changing hands,” Boosalis said. “They’re getting it to someone else who is that mid-level person, who then will give it to someone to sell on Craigslist.”

While some students may steal the computers in order to make extra cash, there are serious consequences to committing this crime. Students who are caught stealing are charged with grand theft, a felony. Students tend to think if caught it would be petty theft which is a misdemeanor. However, laptops typically cost more than $400 which falls under the grand theft category. Those who are charged have to go to court, and are often also booked at the Edina Police Department.

Ultimately, stealing is wrong and the consequences are life-changing, so do the right thing. If you see someone’s device left unattended, bring it to the attention of an adult or bring it to the lost and found. And keep a careful eye on your personal belongings; you’ll never regret double-checking that your valuable possessions are safely under lock and key.