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EHS Blood Drive works hard to provide relief for Hurricane Michael

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EHS Blood Drive works hard to provide relief for Hurricane Michael

Theo Teske, page editor

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Turn on the news and it’s hard not to become aware of the difficulties currently being faced by those in Florida due to Hurricane Michael. With buildings destroyed and roads flooded, injuries are piling up.

The disaster served as inspiration for Edina High School’s Fall Blood Drive on Oct. 23. “We are partnered with the American Red Cross and the blood is going to be helping with victims of the natural disaster in Florida because they have a shortage of donors,” Jojo Karos said. Karos is a junior on Student Council who worked on the blood drive to get volunteers and to help students sign up.

Shea Crowley, a senior, also worked on the blood drive. Crowley oversaw the group to make sure the blood drive ran smoothly. Unlike many events held by EHS, the blood drive has a large impact throughout the country. “I honestly think the blood drive is one of the most important events we put on because it not only has a big impact in our community, [but also gives] people an opportunity to give back,” Crowley said.

Donating blood is easy, and it really makes a difference, if you ask Student Council. “It (the blood) goes all across the nation to help with natural disasters,” Crowley said.

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Each donation of a pint of blood can be used to save three lives. “It’s a good way to help people in need,” Karos said.

Roscoe Markert, a junior who participated in the blood drive, says this is a key reason to donate, especially as it’s not hard to do. “I thought it was actually relaxing. I very well might have saved a life,” Markert said.

“If everybody thinks somebody else will do it, then no one does. Sometimes you have to step up to the plate.”

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EHS Blood Drive works hard to provide relief for Hurricane Michael