Edina welcomes new restaurant: Moderna Kouzina

A contemporary twist on French cuisine is brought to 50th and France

Art Boettge, staff writer

Moderno Kuzina, a new Edina restaurant serving up traditional French cuisine with a modern and sophisticated twist, is now open at 3910 West 50th street, directly across from the Edina theater.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a very kind hostess, who will take guests to a table with a smile. Looking around, the eatery boasts some very sleek and modern interior design, giving off a refined, yet casual atmosphere that any guest can enjoy. Additionally, patrons can view the entire kitchen from their seats, offering up a fun view of chefs at work. The bar looked like it had comfortable seats, and a TV located above, playing a football game, was a plus for sports fans.

The menu features a relatively small amount of choices, that rely on fresh, high quality, in-season ingredients, all revolving around French cuisine. It featured some interesting options most other restaurants don’t usually feature, like foie gras and veal. One of the most enjoyable meals was the roasted chicken and vegetable soup, which was a flavorful broth full of root vegetables and tender chicken. Next, the scallops were tasty and well-cooked, complemented by a tangy lemon sauce and ravioli. The ravioli was a bit overpowered by cheese, however. In addition, the Royale, a house ground burger with gruyere cheese and pomme frites, was a definite highlight of the visit. It was served with a savory tomato relish that set it apart from your average burger. The slow-braised short ribs was a tender and well-seasoned dish, accompanied by sweetbreads (calf or lamb pancreas), which was a tasty surprise. Finally, the goat milk gelato—creamy, sweet, and cold—definitely hit the spot.

My biggest complaint about the restaurant was the portion sizes. It was a somewhat expensive restaurant and therefore was disappointing to find that little food was given.

Despite this, all in all, I would recommend checking this place out for the comfortable atmosphere, perfect location, tasty dishes, and friendly service. 4/5 overall.