Edina Implements New Drinking Policy at Football Games

After evidence appeared that there was drinking in the student section at last Friday’s Homecoming football game, Edina Public Schools has implemented new policies for all students attending football games.

The new rules include not being able to bring liquids of any kind or backpacks into the stadium. The school will also increase security to monitor the activities in the student section.

“It’s annoying that I can’t bring my own liquids in the game because I have to buy the overpriced beverages at the game,” said senior Connor Tressel.

“I think it’s annoying that they are cracking down on something that is not that big of a deal,” said an anonymous Edina High School junior. “I understand that if there are a group of third graders next to us why they wouldn’t want them to see us drinking, but if people are being subtle about it it shouldn’t matter.”

The problem, however, aside from the fact that underage drinking is illegal, is that, according to the administration, it wasn’t subtle. Following the end of the football game, staff and parents found numerous empty beer cans thrown around the section.

Drinking has not only been a problem at football games, but dances as well. Following the 2013 Sadie’s Dance, the school discovered that many people were intoxicated at the dance. The school later decided to do random breathalyzer tests on students entering future dances in hopes of discouraging students from drinking.

“I understand why the dance policies are necessary, but a football game is different,” said another anonymous student.

In previous years, drinking at football games has not been as big of a problem as it is now. “It did not appear to be a problem last year or in our first game this year,” said Edina High School Activities and Athletic Director Troy Stein.

Whether or not these policies will impact other sporting events throughout the year is still up for debate. “At this time we are looking at football games due to the large student section but [we] will certainly reevaluate for other venues if needed,” Stein concluded.