2017 Grammys Song Reviews


photo courtesy of Women's Health

Adele Breaks Grammy to share with Beyoncé

Anjali Aralikar, staff writer

The Grammys are the culminating awards for the entire music industry. Each nomination is based on the songs overall production and its composition. This year, I’ve chosen three categories to review.

Song of the Year

  • I Took a Pill in Ibiza, Mike Posner
    • While the lyrics stayed the same, the remixed version (which was the more popular version of the song) had an incredibly catchy tune as well as a good beat which made up for the overall blandness of the lyrics .
  • Love Yourself, Justin Bieber
    • This song had a good beat but the melody was a bit strained. It didn’t have a particularly unique tune, but the aforementioned beat made up for the lack of a good melody. The lyrics were also a bit overused and misogynistic.
  • 7 Years, Lukas Graham
    • This is an extremely mellow song and it chronicles Graham’s life story in a nostalgic and melancholic way. Although the song was a little repetitive towards the end, it had everything that constitutes as a good song, such as smooth vocals, a good melody, and a touch of bittersweetness.
  • Hello, Adele
    • One of the greatest things about this song is how clearly you can hear Adele’s voice in this song. The background isn’t overpowering and blends softly with the vocals. It’s also incredibly lyrical.
  • Formation, Beyonce
    • This song is probably the best song on this list without question. It’s lyrics are powerful, the music is catchy, and the song highlights all of Beyonce’s talents extremely well.

Winner: Hello, Adele

Best Duo/Group Performance

  • Cheap Thrills, Sia (feat. Sean Paul)
    • This song is probably one of Sia’s best songs. Both the lyrics and the tune balance out to make a very catchy song and foster a quasi romantic and youthful feel.
  • Work, Rihanna (feat. Drake)
    • This is definitely the type of song you could work out to. It is extremely catchy and it’s high paced beat and motivational lyrics help make this song unique.
  • Closer, The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey)
    • This is probably the most romantic song in this category. It’s lyrics depict a type of new age romance in a dance-y song with a catchy tune.
  • Stressed Out, Twenty One Pilots
    • This song is probably the epitome of every highschooler ever. The song laments the passage of time and the responsibilities of the present. It has extremely nostalgic lyrics as well as a melancholic tune.

Winner: Stressed Out, Twenty One Pilots

Best Dance Recording

  • Tearing Me Up, Bob Moses
    • This song is extremely mellow, almost seductive in a way. It has a really good beat as well a really dark, yet hopeful, tune.
  • Never Be Like You, Flume (feat. Kai)
    • This song is one of my personal favorites. In addition to having a very catchy tune and a good beat, it also had very poetic lyrics with the perfect vocals to compliment it, creating a melancholic and wistful tone.
  • Don’t Let Me Down, The Chainsmokers (feat. Daya)
    • This song is has a good balance between the vocals and electronics, and while the riff in between verses is rather jarring, the rest of the song makes up for it with anxious and hopeful lyrics.
  • Rinse and Repeat, Riton
    • The song has the type a very strong baseline as well as a steady rhythm, but that’s almost all there is to it. It’s one of those repetitive dance-y songs which doesn’t really have a melody and is mainly a drum line.
  • Drinkee, Sofi Tukker
    • The lyrics are in portuguese and they repeat often, but the guitar melody makes up for the repetition, which is probably one of the most unique things about this song. The song also has a very jazzy feel to it.

Winner: Don’t Let Me Down, the Chainsmokers (feat. Daya)