Zoe Cheung

Thomas Watt

Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in at school? Outside of school?

Thomas Watt: In school, l I am involved in the theatre program, the Young Libs Club, and Nintendo Club. Outside of school, I work at Gamerheads in southdale.


Z: What do you plan to do if you are crowned sweethearts KING?

T.W.: Make everyone t-pose and wear Timberlands all day.


Z: Who is your sweeties court crush?

T.W.: Ben Gustafson.


Z: What is your go-to meme?

T.W.: Deep fried memes.


Z: What is your best pickup line to impress your court crush?

T.W.: You look so familiar… didn’t we take a class together? Cause I could have sworn we had Chemistry.


Z: What is your favorite dance move to use at a dance?

T.W.: The dab.


Z: What does being on Sweeties court mean to you?

T.W.: I guess it feels nice that my fellow classmates think of me as a big enough meme to put me on court.

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