Zoe Cheung

Talia Bjelland

Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Talia Bjelland: I am on the badminton team—it’s pretty thrilling—and I’m in band. I also do Backpack Tutors, I’m in Hornet Connections, and I did Unified PE last semester and Theater for All this semester. Outside of school I am involved in things at Wooddale Church and all summer I counsel at a camp called Camp Cherith.


Z: Who is your court crush?

T.B.: Probably Thomas. I haven’t met him yet, but probably Thomas.


Z: What was your last used emoji?

T.B.: Okay, I don’t have my phone. Probably a cactus; I’m passionate about cacti.


Z: What is your favorite vine?

T.B.: I’m like uncultured and I don’t know vines. I’m not kidding, I could not tell you a single vine.


Z: If you could only play one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

T.B.: ‘Drops of Jupiter’ because I love space and it is beautiful.


Z: What does being on court mean to you?

T.B.: *whispers* I thought about this one because Bobby told me he got asked that for Homecoming. For me being on court is an opportunity for me to participate in a fun light-hearted event that the school puts on and it just is a positive atmosphere and a fun thing for the student body.

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