Kevin Yi

September 13, 2022


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Kevin Yi: I’m a sprinter on the track team, and up until this year I played soccer for some of the lower teams at school. I’m also part of the ping pong club and math team. 

Z: If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would it be and why? 

KY: I would go back to 2010 just to relive Creek Valley. I definitely peaked in elementary school. 

Z: If you had a reality television show what would it be called? 

KY: Something like “The Most Average Guy in Existence.”

Z: What is the best pick-up line you know? 

KY: I don’t really know any pick up lines, but falling from heaven seems like the safest bet. 

Z: What does being on court mean to you? 

KY: I think being on court is just really funny because it was a running joke in my friend group for a long time. They all know I’m kind of a dork and don’t get super involved in school spirit a lot, so to be on court is kind of the last place you’d expect me to be. I’m happy that people would be willing to vote for me though.

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