Joe Lenarz-Hooyman

February 1, 2017

Zephyrus: What activities/extracurriculars/clubs/sports do you participate in?

Joe: “I’m on the ultimate team, 212 leadership, house basketball, TECH, and I’m really into Super Smash Bros Maylay which is a club here at the high school.”

Zephyrus: Do you believe in soulmates/love at first sight?

Joe Lenarz: “I do, I’d say. Both”

Zephyrus: As a kid, do you think you ever showed signs leading to your future on Sweethearts Court?

JL: “Nah. I’d say I was a pretty awkward kid in 8th and 9th grade. I became more comfortable with myself and who I am, so I’d say from a young age? No not at all.”

Zephyrus: What is the biggest age difference you would have between you and your special someone?

JL: “You know I’ve got sisters that are a lot older then me, I’ve got parents that are a lot older than me. So I’d go with around 8 years. So that’s pretty big I feel like.”

Zephyrus: Would you get an s/o’s name tattooed on your body?

JL: “If that was important to them I would, but I wouldn’t really make the initiative. I guess they’d choose where it goes in that case as well cause they’re the one that wants it in the first place.”

Zephyrus: Have you ever written someone a personal valentine?

JL: “Last year my dad was out of town for some business thing. I realized that my mom was going to be home alone on Valentine’s Day so I wrote her a valentine note.”

Zephyrus: If you were given $100 dollars right now what would you do with it?

JL: “A scooter.”

Zephyrus: Can you sing any song completely from memory, and if so, what song? (if they claim they can, make them prove it)

JL: “Nah. So I know a lot of verses. I’d know the first verse but space on the second verse. So yeah, no songs completely from memory. Wait actually, maybe ‘Just a Dream’ by Nelly. Yeah, I could do that one.”


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