James Kuznecoff

September 25, 2017

Zephyrus: How does it feel to be on court?
James Kuznecoff: Umm. Euphoric. Actually can I use a thesaurus?


Zephyrus: If you feel the need to do so.
J.K.: Excellent. I love every opportunity to expand my vocabulary. One moment please.


Zephyrus: Okay.
J.K.: Delighted. Dreamy. Ecstatic. Elated. Enchanted. Enraptured. Floating. Flying. God. Heavenly. In seventh heaven. In the twilight zone. Joyful. Joyous. Mad. On cloud nine. Rapturous. Ascendant. Spaced out. Turned on. Crazy. Delirious. Tickled pink. Upbeat. Ravished. Doped. Drunk.


Zephyrus: What dance move are you going to use at the coronation?
J.K.: Would you like to recommend me a dance move?


Zephyrus: I don’t know…the wheelbarrow?

J.K.: That sounds pretty sadistic.


Zephyrus: Who’s your court crush?
J.K.: Carl Weigel.


Zephyrus: Is it true that you plan to take off your shirt during coronation?
J.K.: I can neither confirm nor deny that allegation.

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