Zoe Cheung

Honorable Mention: First Name Last Name

Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

First Name Last Name: Other than keeping it real with the boys, I spend a lot of time exploring local caves.


Z: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ordered on Amazon?

F.N.L.N.: One time I bought a shipping pallet. It didn’t come with anything on it, just the pallets.


Z: What’s your favorite show on Hulu?

F.N.L.N.: My go-to is South Park, I enjoy the deep political satire.


Z: Who on court flexes the most?

F.N.L.N.: Definitely Thomas Watt.


Z: What’s your spirit animal?

F.N.L.N.: Sasquatch, because nobody knows if I’m real or not.


Z: What does earning this honorable mention mean to you?

F.N.L.N.: It’s a chance for me to represent students not typically recognized as being real by administration, even if they won’t let me dance at coronation.

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