Hans Janovy-Meyer

May 19, 2020

Hans Janovy Meyer, one of the two outgoing Visual Editors, worked incredibly hard with the Zeph art staff to ensure that quality art is being published both in print and online issues. Before becoming a Visual Editor, he joined Zephyrus as a staff writer and became a Page Editor the following year. The amalgamation of his different roles on staff along and outside artistic experience enabled Hans to help many staff members on a variety of topics. Hans dedicated many hours to talking with page editors and writers every cycle to generate art ideas, which helped the art staff create better work. He also aided many of the photographers with Photoshop to improve the quality of the paper. Zephyrus was a collaborative environment for him. “One major thing I learned from Zephyrus was how to work and problem solve in larger groups,” Janovy Meyer said. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the paper actually, when we’re laying out a page, and it is super close to the deadline, and we run into an issue that we need to work around. It’s stressful in the best way possible.”

Outside of Zephyrus, Hans raced for the Edina Varsity Cycling Team and is very involved in almost all cycling disciplines. In his free time, Hans works as a mechanic at Freewheel Bike. In the fall, Hans will be attending Union College in Schenectady, New York and hopes to major in Computer Science or in a field of engineering.

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