Zoe Cheung

Hannah Masuda

Zephyrus: What activities do you participate in?

Hannah Masuda: I do Hornettes, and I am a Link Crew Member.


Z: Who is your Disney persona?

H.M.: My Disney persona is probably someone super quirky, so probably like Ariel because she’s confused all of the time, and so am I.


Z: Favorite place to study?

H.M.: My favorite place to study is probably at my desk in my room. I also like to sometimes go to Jerry’s with friends.


Z: Top song to listen to?  

H.M.: Vance Joy’s ‘We’re Going Home’!


Z:What does it mean to be on court?

H.M.: I am excited and excited to be with all of these people and it means a lot because I love my classmates.

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