Congrats to the 2022 Homecoming Court!

September 13, 2022

Owen Sanderson


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in? 

Owen Sanderson: I’m captain of the cross country team, track and field, orchestra, junior gold hockey, peer tutor, and I’m on the superintendent leadership team. 

Z: Which member of the Incredibles movies do you relate to the most and why?

OS: Dash, I was the type of kid in middle school who wanted to get the fastest mile and that was like my entire personality. Also, the hair. 

Z: What is one item on your bucket list?

OS: I want to go to Japan, I’ve heard very cool things about the culture. That’d be like my dream vacation. 

Z: What’s your favorite song right now? 

OS: I would go Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. 

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

OS: It really means a lot, like I’m sure everyone has said. It means a lot to feel valued and appreciated with your class, and it’s always an honor to know people recognize you.

Hannah Owens Pierre


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Hannah Owens Pierre: Editor in chief of this funny little thing called Zephyrus, I’m the captain of debate team, captain speech team, captain of mock trial, jazz band, pit orchestra, student tutor and drumline section leader.

Z: What’s the best after school snack?

HOP: An apple—seeds and all.

Z: What celebrity would you least want to be stuck on an island with?

HOP: Will Smith. I’m not trying to be the next Chris Rock. 

Z: What movie should everybody see at least once?

HOP: Joker (2019)

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

HOP: I got a free shirt and I was very excited about that. And I’m so pumped for everyone to see Doc, Kevin, and I’s dance moves.

Robert Granquist


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Robert Granquist: I am a junior gold hockey goalie for around five months of the year in the winter months. I am a co-leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I am a sports and activities section editor for Zephyrus, and I am also in the Science Club. I also play the trumpet and the mellophone that I switch, depending on the piece. 

Z: If you had to choose between pancakes, crepes, and waffles, what would you pick?

RG: It’s either between pancakes or waffles, I’d say waffles. 

Z: Why?

RG: They have this structure to them, where they can hold syrup. And it’s like the taste of pancakes in a better structure and it’s always good. Pancakes are a bit too soft. They just flop around and they feel like mush sometimes. Between crepes and pancakes, crepes. 

Z: Best childhood memory?

RG: So probably for that, it would be when we won our district, which really was more like a state tournament for us. This was in seventh grade. And we were by far the best district and we went 45-4-5. It was basically a state championship. 

Z: What do you want us to know about you?

RG: I want to say just be kind to everyone. You don’t know what people are going through. You really don’t know. You know what I mean? So I would say kindness needs to be a top priority, just everyone you talk to, be kind. 

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

RG: I mean, it’s a great honor to be elected by your classmates, I mean, that’s a really big deal. It is mainly the social aspect of it, and I am really excited to be on court because the activities are a ton of fun.

Greta Kerekes


Zephyrus: Which activities are you involved in? 

Greta Kerekes: Gymnastics, Global Scholar program, EHS book club, concert choir, piano

Z: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

GK: Know every song lyric or speak any language

Z: What is the number one thing on your bucket list?

GK: Study abroad in Spain

Z: What is your favorite song?

GK: “Blow My High (Members Only)” by Kendrick Lamar

Z: What does being on court mean to you? 

GK: It means everything. Everyone on it is so great. It is just such an honor.

Mary Velner


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Mary Velner: Lacrosse, hockey, cross country, EHS girls book club, Edina 212 Leadership 

Z: What’s something that you think is overrated and why?

MV: Deep-fried pickles, I don’t think they are very good. 

Z: If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

MV: “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band.

Z: If you were a colored pencil, what color would you be?

MV: Light blue.

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

MV: It’s a fun opportunity to get closer to everyone on Homecoming court and be a part of the community. It’s also fun because I get to represent the senior class.

Maclain Everson-Rose


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Maclain Everson-Rose: I’m involved in Student Council concert band investments club and Political Science Club.

Z: What social media app do you relate to the most?

ME: BeReal. It’s casual, it’s relaxed, and it’s not trying too hard to be the best person. Most consistent with that.

Z: What is the weirdest thing you would be willing to eat?

ME: A human. I would eat a human if I had to.

Z: What type of tree resonates with you the most?

ME: Maple. Maple trees are resourceful and sweet.

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

ME: My ego tells me that I am popular among enough kids in school that they thought would be interesting if I was voted on.

Joey Matysik


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Joey Matysik: I play soccer and run track. I’m a girls soccer manager and student section leader. I’m also a part of Student Council and Student Senate and a few other things here and there. I’m also pretty heavily involved in my church and in Young Life. I’m a girls soccer manager [and one of the] students section leaders.

Z: Which Disney princess do you most identify with?

JM: I think Elsa’s sick because ice is pretty cool.

Z: What’s your favorite unpopular opinion?

JM: I like eating graham crackers and applesauce together. No one else likes that one, but I think it’s a favorite of mine.

Z: Favorite trend that came back?

JM: I like all the vintage clothes [that have] started coming back. I think it’s a really cool style. Plus, all the retro stuff and like records and film cameras. I think it’s really cool.

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

JM: It’s super fulfilling because it means that I’m doing something right. I’m just really excited for this week, just to hang out with a bunch of people and make some good memories.

Heather Schnell


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Heather Schnell: I’m the president of Edina Student Council, and I’m a Competitive Cheer Captain this year.

Z: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

HS: Probably Monte Carlo because I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve never been there.

Z: What’s your ideal final meal?

HS: Probably something sweet because I like sweets, so maybe like a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Z: What’s your guilty pleasure?

HS: Caffeine, lots of it.

Z: What does being on Homecoming Court mean to you?

HS: It’s such an honor. I’ve grown up [going to coronation] my whole life. So it’s so fun to be a part of it on the floor now instead of in the student section.

Daniel Portz


Zephyrus: Which activities are you involved in? 

Daniel Portz: For one, football team. I play rugby in the spring, and I love choir. I know it’s kind of a class, but choir is huge in Edina so I do a lot of that.

Z: What is your favorite 80s movie?

DP: “Star Wars Empire Strikes Back,” “The Goonies,” or “The Breakfast Club.”

Z: What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

DP: The halfpipe during the Winter Olympics. During the Summer Olympics, probably swimming, just because it gets so heated and I think that’s fun to watch.

Z: What is your favorite fall activity?

DP: Definitely football. Playing football, watching football. I think there’s a great culture around it. Everyone comes to football games, and it’s great to have that support and then on Saturdays and Sundays being with friends and family watching games.

Z:What does being on court mean to you? 

DP: It’s just this great recognition after being with your peers through the years. You’ve made relationships with so many of them since elementary school and now they’re voting you for this. It’s just special to be recognized.

Uma Corneia

Zephyrus: Which activities are you involved in?

Uma Corneia: I am a captain of both the Edina girls varsity hockey team and varsity lacrosse team, I am a boys soccer manager, and I participate in Edina Unified. 

Z: What three things would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island?

UC: I would bring my little brother, my hydro flask, and a tennis ball in case I get bored.

Z: Do you have any hidden talents?

UC: I can do the splits and juggle. 

Z: What’s your worst pickup line?

UC: Are your eyes like the ocean? ‘Cause I could swim in them all day.

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

UC: I am very honored and thankful to be able to represent Edina high school and the community in a positive way. 

Casey Champion


Zephyrus: Which activities are you involved in? 

Casey Champion: I’m in concert choir and a member of 212. 

Z: What do you think is an underrated album?

CC: I would go with “Blue Water Road” by Kehlani.

Z: Which “Shrek” movie do you think is the best?

CC: The third one with Snow White.

Z: What’s your favorite TV show?

CC: I love “Dynasty,” but the new one with Liz Gillies.  

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

CC: It means I get to represent the school and the people who voted for me, and I just get to have fun.

Jackson Parrish


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in? 

Jackson Parrish: I’m the Edina varsity soccer captain, I’ve been in concert choir for 2 years, mens’ chorus, and I’m also on the board of captains for SAAC.

Z: Out of all the years you have been in school, what has been your favorite grade and why? 

JP: I would say junior year, so far, because I started feeling like myself, felt comfortable around the school, and met a lot of new people, you know since Covid.

Z: If you could go back and tell your freshman self one thing, what would it be?

JP: I would say be yourself, not [to judge] people off their looks, and be kind to everyone.

Z: If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be and why? 

JP: I would be a Croc because they are very inclusive and inviting, and I only live in two modes: Sport and relaxed.

Z: What does being on court mean to you? 

JP: I was pretty surprised and super excited when I got the word. I was just happy people voted for me.

Emma Rapallini


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in? 

Emma Rapallini: I do club soccer and varsity lacrosse. I’m also a captain of Model UN, I am the manager of Global Scholars, Interact Ambassador, and I’m involved in the tutor center. 

Z: Do you consider a hot dog a sandwich?

ER: Yeah, I do. 

Z: If you had a pet parrot what would you teach it to say? 

ER: I would either teach the parrot funny swear words or a warning call. 

Z: If you were the ruler of the world, which person on court would you trust to be your top advisor? 

ER: I would definitely choose Greta because she’s super smart and logical and I agree with her values. 

Z: What does being on court mean to you? 

ER: I love it! I think it’s really exciting and I love to hang out with the entire court while representing the school at the same time.

Kevin Yi


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Kevin Yi: I’m a sprinter on the track team, and up until this year I played soccer for some of the lower teams at school. I’m also part of the ping pong club and math team. 

Z: If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would it be and why? 

KY: I would go back to 2010 just to relive Creek Valley. I definitely peaked in elementary school. 

Z: If you had a reality television show what would it be called? 

KY: Something like “The Most Average Guy in Existence.”

Z: What is the best pick-up line you know? 

KY: I don’t really know any pick up lines, but falling from heaven seems like the safest bet. 

Z: What does being on court mean to you? 

KY: I think being on court is just really funny because it was a running joke in my friend group for a long time. They all know I’m kind of a dork and don’t get super involved in school spirit a lot, so to be on court is kind of the last place you’d expect me to be. I’m happy that people would be willing to vote for me though.

Layla Hayes


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Layla Hayes: I’m a cheerleader and I’m in several clubs. I’ve joined the science club, the book club, and the Black Student Union.

Z: What was your worst phase?

LH: I’d have to say my Justice phase. I really went all out for that: head to toe in Justice gear.

Z: If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

LH: Probably “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy.

Z: What is your dream vacation?

LH: My dream vacation is probably Jamaica. I would say Hawaii, but I went there for spring break last year. So that’s off my bucket list now.

Z: What does being on court mean to you?

LH: It’s honestly a privilege to be on the homecoming court. To be voted for by the whole student body is a really cool thing because you never know how many people you know until you’re voted on.

Annie Lund


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Annie Lund: I am in 212 Leadership, I’m in concert choir, I’m in Zephyrus and I play hockey

Z: Favorite teacher?

AL: My favorite teacher is Sally Larkins. Fantastic human being.

Z: What’s your favorite thing about hoco?

AL: The stuff leading up to homecoming. Getting your dress, talking to all of your friends, planning everything, and getting ready

Z: Do you have any favorite foods?

AL: I’m a big sushi girl. There’s this place called JJ’s Poke, I love JJ’s.

Z: What deos being on court mean to you?

AL: Besides being a really memorable and fun experience, I feel pretty honored to be voted on by my teachers and classmates. It’s a really special week and im so glad i get to be a part of it. You watch when you’re an underclassmen and you think it’s so cool so being on court is just one of those senior full circle moments.

Sabeeh Mirza

Sabeeh Mirza

Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Sabeeh Mirza: Student Senate, Debate, Model UN, AAPI Student Union, Speech

Z:You can room with any character or celebrity, who is it?

SM: Pete Davidson 

Z: Best way to start your day?

SM: Crying

Z: What do you think is the meaning of life?

SM: There isn’t one- its fake

Z: What do you need to make more time for?

SM: Doing my homework before the due date

Z: What does being on homecoming court mean to you

SM: I feel super honored to be chosen by my peers and I am so grateful my classmates saw me as someone who is worthy of being on court

Reilly Shane


Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Reilly Shane:  I’m in Zephyrus, I’m a peer tutor, a Hornet Mentor, on the Student Senate, and the 212 cabinet. I also run track and field and I play Junior gold hockey. 

Z: What’s an unpopular opinion that you have?

RS: I think Marvel movies are overrated. I think they’re just the same thing every time I want it. I want something more spicy.  

Z: Give me an F-tier superpower.

RS: Having a tool is not that good. I feel like the ones where they can fly or they’re invisible are the best. 

Z:  If you could do a collab album with one rapper, who would you pick?

RS:  I have to go with the man himself, Tyler, The Creator. I think he’s so good. I think he’s just a genius in the studio. I think it’d be fun to be around. I think we’d make magic happen. 

Z: What does being on homecoming court mean to you? 

RS: I think it’s really rewarding that people thought of me for this and I’m really looking forward to representing my school. And I think me being on court goes to show that if a SoundCloud rapper can be on it, so can you.

Nico Cerise


Zephyrus:Which activities are you involved in? 

Nico Cerise: I play on the football team, I run track, and I’m in the finance club.

Z: What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

NC: One thing that I have always wanted to do is skydive. I think it would be really fun and give me a lot of adrenaline because now that I’m eighteen, I can do that.

Z: If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 

NC: The song that I would listen to on repeat would be a song called “Timeless” by A Boogie wit da Hoodie because it makes me happy in any mood I’m in, like if something bad happens, I can just listen to that and smile.

Z; What is the most memorable movie you have seen and why?

NC: I think it was probably Get Out the first time I saw it. I watched it with all my friends in seventh grade because the way the movie went shocked us all.

Z:What does being on court mean to you?

NC: I am happy that I will be able to display my school in a positive light and help make our school a happier place. I’m excited that I was nominated because I really love Edina and I think it’s a great school to be at.

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