Zoe Cheung

Ben Gustafson

Zephyrus: In what activities are you involved?

Ben Gustafson: I am involved in varsity lacrosse, Zephyrus, Spanish Club, World Quest, Poker Club, Student Senate, and Link Crew.


Z: What makes lacrosse a good sport to play?

B.G.: Lacrosse is a mix between hockey and basketball and there’s a lot of creativity that goes into it. I just like ripping twine, I love my boys on the team. You get to have a stick and whack people with it.


Z: Who’s your favorite staff writer on Zephyrus?

B.G.: I don’t know if I can answer that… I love all of them equally. They’re like my children.


Z: What song do you most want to be played at the dance?

B.G.: What was that song Franske was dancing to?…I’ll just pick a different song. ‘Solo’ by Iyaz.


Z: What does being on court mean to you?

B.G.: It’s definitely an honor. I did not expect to be on court. It’s fun to be with a lot of my friends. Everyone’s super nice, so it’s an honor to be on court with such amazing people.

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