Why hybrid totally rocks!

April 10, 2021

Since hybrid learning began in the fall of 2020, it has gathered both heavy criticism and abundant praise. When looking at the pros and cons, it’s clear that there are many more benefits to hybrid than downsides. Here at Zephyrus, we’ve compiled a list of the reasons hybrid has benefited everyone in Edina Public Schools. Reading this list, it’s clear that the criticism hybrid learning has received is completely unwarranted.

     1) Teaches multitasking

One great thing about hybrid learning is that it provides a way for students to

learn multitasking. A student can join a Google Meet and turn off their camera, play video games, and text their friends all at the same time! 

     2) No unwanted stranger interactions

Another plus of hybrid learning is that virtual subs are even better than in-person subs. Not only does it allow students to still ignore their in-class sub assignments, but you don’t have to hear some stranger’s conspiracy theories or worry about making them angry because they had to look up from their crossword puzzle.

     3) Helps refine skills of tolerating silence

Breakout rooms are an opportunity for a smaller group of people to sit in awkward silence until they can return to a larger group of people to sit in more awkward silence. This allows them to reflect on their learning but also helps them develop more focused ignoring of others.

     4) Brings attention to faulty WiFi

Hybrid learning has also brought attention to the fact that WiFi seems to go out a lot more than anyone ever noticed. “I never noticed until distance learning that my WiFi seems to go out every 50 minutes or so, coincidentally right when I need to go to my next class. Fortunately, my teachers are very accepting when I show up to class 10 minutes late for the third time each week,” Sue Donym, a senior at Edina High School, said.

     5) Drastically improves both relationships and grades, and encourages collaboration

Another upside to hybrid learning is that students can collaborate on tests. This helps improve relationships between students, prompting them to become better friends and to stay in contact more. Since hybrid learning started, Edina Public Schools has also seen great improvement statistically in test scores and class grades.


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