We at the motel, hotel, Holiday Inn

Sloane Nilsen, culture editor

Like Pitbull in his song “Hotel Room Service,” I learned that hotels are actually pretty cool. Ever wanted to get out of the house for the night? Want to get away from homework and school? Well here is a solution for you! I had the privilege to contact six unique, 24/7 motels and hotels in or near Edina. Although you do need to be 21 to rent a hotel room, talk to your favorite college friend or older sibling about booking a hotel room.

The Westin

(3201 Galleria, Edina, MN, 55435; 952-567-5000)

Right in the center of Edina, the Westin is the most expensive hotel in the area, although it does offer a fantastic selection of activities nearby. Even if the rooms do start at $189, you have quite a few options for going out at night. Nearby is an AMC theaters, not to mention the Southdale Shopping Center, home to its very own Macy’s, H&M, Apple Store, and plenty of interesting people. When you thought you wouldn’t like to spend more money, think again! The Westin has a small gift shop, as well as its own restaurant, the seafood grill, McCormick and Schmicks Seafood Grill.

The Sofitel

(5601 West 78thStreet, Bloomington, 55439; 952-835-1900)

With the unique European theme and polite staff, the Sofitel is really the best you can get near Edina. One of the coolest things about the hotel is that they have no designated price for a room. Called a “dynamic rate”, it depends entirely on the type of room, how busy the Sofitel is, how flexible you are with cancellation, and how far you book in advance. Another fun fact, according to the front desk, “[It] is the first Sofitel in North America, and offers French cuisine, and a European flare.” The Sofitel also has a four diamond review, and offers help 24/7 to their customers. Furthermore, when you call the Sofitel, the first word they say to you is Bonjour! (Although in a horrible American accent.)

Motel 6

(7640 Cedar Avenue South, Richfield, MN, 55423; 612-861-4491)

Let’s be honest. This motel doesn’t even deserve a review. First of all, their “on-hold song” is so annoying. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stand it and almost had to put on my own music. Seriously. On top of that, when I did finally get ahole of someone I found the girl to be very rude over the phone. The person at the front desk seemed to be in quite an unhappy mood, and responded with a lazy tone. On the otherhand, the price per night is only $45.99 and is located 2 miles from the Mall of America. But honestly? I’d rather stay at a Westin in New York City and walk thousands of miles to MOA than stay at this motel.

The DoubleTree Hilton

(7800 Normandale Blvd, Bloomington, 55439; 952-835-7800)

Like the unique Sofitel, the DoubleTree Hilton does not offer a concrete price for their rooms. Although the cost does not depend such a wide variety of aspects, they do take into account how occupied they are. Prices rise as more people stay at the hotel. The DoubleTree Hilton also gives a free shuttle ride to both the airport and Mall of America every hour, on the hour. The hotel also contains two restaurants, Navigator and 9 Mile Grill. Both are open 7 days a week, and hours vary.

So there you have it! Although some of the hotels (and motels) are not located directly in Edina, they are all in an approximately 10 minute radius. Now it’s just up to you to decide which one fits your wants and desires the most. For more motel and hotel reviews, check out www.edinazephyrus.com