The BEST Senior Picture Locations


courtesy of HDR, Inc., by Zoe Cheung

The Twin Cities is overflowing with the perfect construction sites

Will Schwinghammer, humor editor

Here at Zephyrus, we recognize the value of planning for the future. More importantly, we recognize that most of our readers have already reached the high point of their lives. What could be a better way of planning for an inevitable downfall and future ruination than preserving memories of high school forever? Senior pictures are a great way to hang on to those precious youthful moments forever. We’ve taken the time to scout out the best spots to snap those senior pics to guarantee that you’ll never forget your peak.

Your Summer Job – Pictures can get expensive quickly. The easy solution? Work during your photo shoot! Your manager may not be hot on the idea, but he’s the one managing a Starbucks with a Harvard Law degree, so feel free to completely disregard his opinion. Having saved time and made money, you’ll be able to to get a head start on paying for your college loans which will soon be crushing and debilitating. We know you’re trying to capture the present, but don’t let your future slip away!

Summer Tutoring Sesh – Grind never stop?  Futilely fighting summer slip? Trying to raise that ACT score a few more points before college applications next fall (no pressure)? Too intrigued by your futile attempts to memorize Gregorian chant to put down the books for an hour? There’s no need to stop studying during your senior pictures. As an added bonus, you’ll look extra studious, which will be fantastic for a future LinkedIn profile picture. Two birds, one stone.

A Construction Site – High school is all about building for the future. Why not take this sentiment literally? Playing around in construction is always memorable. You’re also guaranteed to not need to fight for the location since few appreciate construction as they should. Be on the lookout for backhoes, cranes, and cement mixers. Quality, American-made construction equipment and heavy machinery guarantee some absolutely stunning poses and backdrops that few of your friends will be able to compete with. Make sure to wear something that’ll hide the dust you’ll be covered in, should you happen to take an unfortunate tumble off of your industrial perch. Don’t forget a high-visibility neon construction vest and a hard hat. Safety first!

An UrbEx Adventure – To foreshadow the rapid decay your GPA will suffer as soon as senior slide sets in, why not go on an UrbEx adventure? In addition to serving as a fascinatingly unique setting, climbing around in abandoned buildings like some kind of urban George of the Jungle will also be excellent practice for your future as a fugitive on the run from the law. This picturesque location will provide an exciting descent into depths previously unknown to mortals, featuring authentic rust and grit. After all, there’s no better way to start your senior year than a tetanus diagnosis! This versatile site provides a great opportunity to show off your inner adventurer and to share a romanticized self-image with the camera.

In Bed – By the numbers, you’ve probably spent more time here than anywhere else. By your 18th birthday, you’ll have spent about 52,560 hours in bed. Talk about a wasted childhood! If you truly want to capture the most accurate version of yourself as a senior, taking your pictures in bed (preferably while sleeping) is the only way to go. If it sweetens the deal at all, taking pictures in bed saves time, gas, and it’s likely the most quintessentially teenage image you could create.

Of course, senior pictures aren’t essential. Selfies are a fantastic (and very modern) way to document one’s life. Snapchat’s filters can be used to enhance and edit photos too – who needs Photoshop when just adding a dog nose and ears can be so much easier? In any case, we hope this guide has lifted a little stress off your shoulders by making one of your most important high school decisions for you.