The Best Places to Study Around Minneapolis

Kyra Bergerud, staff writer

In the midst of hectic school schedules, studying can begin to feel overwhelming. The pressure of preparing for tests is something students often dread. Sitting isolated in your house while studying can further damper the experience. Sometimes all students need is a change of environment to motivate them. However, many public places can often be loud and noisy, and therefore not the ideal place to study. Fortunately, a handful of cozy coffee shops around the Twin Cities offer students the perfect environment to study.

A chance to get out of the house and into an new environment can be extremely motivating. Coffee shops also provide refreshments such as energy-boosting beverages like coffee and tea, as well as treats like pastries that can provide the perfect incentive for hitting the books. Additionally, finding local places to study can be a great way to support small businesses and give back to the community.

Sparrow Cafe, a quaint coffee shop located on Penn Avenue in Minneapolis, is the perfect location for someone who loves coffee, but also needs a quiet, cozy place to study. With walls filled floor to ceiling with paintings depicting scenes of nature and an intimate set up, Sparrow offers the ideal environment to motivate students. “We usually have a very calm atmosphere, the music is not too loud, there’s nice scenery, and most other people are studying, so it has great vibes,” Washburn High School senior and Sparrow Cafe barista Natalie Lileks said. Along with having great drinks and atmosphere, the energy at Sparrow is the perfect mix of friendly and comfortable. Pressure is alleviated while enjoying studying, and it becomes much easier, in such a motivated environment.

Beyond the atmosphere, Sparrow’s menu offers students a variety of great options for a study break. Offering a variety of drinks ranging from intricate lattes like honey vanilla or Swedish, to many mocha and cappuccino options, there’s something for everyone. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, there are a variety of food items such as croissants, muffins, and cookies, along with other drinks like soda, teas, and hot chocolate. Having such a variety can be a great way to enjoy your time studying and reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Patisserie Margo, a small family business, which has locations on both Valley View Road and Excelsior, is another great place to get focused. It offers a variety of drinks and a comfortable environment to study. “Margo’s is a pretty great place to study, it has a good atmosphere, the food is great,” sophomore Tiffiany Qian said. The cafe offers a diverse seating selection which includes plush armchairs, booths, and tables. Margo’s is quiet with the right amount of background chatter; the concentrated environment means its a productive and an overall ideal location to get a lot of studying done.

For coffee enthusiasts, Spyhouse Coffee is the perfect option. With locations in Whittier, Uptown, North East Minneapolis, the Minneapolis North Loop, and Saint Paul, you’re are never too far from a Spyhouse. The coffee shop’s environment is a refined mix of a contemporary, effortless feel, combined with a cozy and warm atmosphere. Filled with ambient, natural lighting, and a modern feel, Spyhouse exemplifies a productive environment. Besides the feel of the business itself, the coffee at Spyhouse is unbeatable.

Getting out of the house may seem like a lot of work for the perfect studying environment, but choosing the ideal location can make a world of difference. Treating yourself to a coffee or something to eat can be a great way to find motivation, or, at the very least make you feel a little better about your tests and yourself. It can be tempting to just stay in your room all day dreading what’s ahead, but your environment really does contribute to your productivity. Support local businesses, go get yourself a coffee, and get ready to ace your tests!