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Lily Simmons
Hello, there it’s Lilly Simmons here … wait back the truck up real quick. It’s LILY with one “L”, not twooo. Geez. You people, so much hate. Lily Simmons. Like the flower that is poisonous to cats... ope. That’s the tea sis. ANYWAYS this is my second year on Zeph and I absolutely love it. I enjoy learning about Greek/Roman Mythology. My heart aches for an acrylic baby blue four-door jeep, hardcover. It’s basic I know. Leave me alone. We live in Edina get with the times. I would love to become an amazing photographer but I’m still learning and a way I can learn is by being on this news team. Its a blessing. It really is. Quoting vines is a must so if you do it. I love you. PERIODT. Wow, this 21st-century lingo is cringe.

Lily Simmons, Photographer

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Lily Simmons