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Andy Youngstrom

Andy Youngstrom, artist

Artist Andy Youngstrom, a well-known local meme collector, is looking forward to his first (and hopefully last) year on staff as a senior. Aside from art, Andy’s main talent is distinguishing real designer sneakers from fakes. In fact, he’s been known to call strangers out on the sidewalk who are wearing fake Yeezys. This caused some embarrassment when he insulted actual Yeezys worn by the actual Yeezy. He aspires to one day coach a Little League baseball team, or failing that, become a renowned architect. His favorite animal is the snake. Should you have any further questions, or wish for Andy to sign any portraits you may have of him, he can be reached any time from 9:30pm until 8:00am at 702-385-7912.

*Editor’s Note- The phone number listed is actually the front-desk phone number for Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. We advise you not to call it.

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Andy Youngstrom