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Mia DiLorenzo
On Saturday, July 3, 2004, Mia DiLorenzo was dropped from the heavens and gently placed in an exceptionally exciting little town called New York City. However, she was ripped from her homeland at the young age of 1 because her dad decided to take a job in Minnesota without consulting her. At any given time you can hear her passionately questioning her parents as to why they moved from the Big Apple to the Minneapple or quoting lines from SNL. Her greatest achievements include, but are not limited to, finishing The Office in under four weeks, meeting her 2017 Goodreads challenge of 100 books and setting the YMCA 8U 25 backstroke record of 17 seconds (and then quitting the team 2 years later). However, the most formative moment in her childhood was when she did not receive her Hogwarts acceptance letter. Unconsolable and tremendously upset, she was forced to live vicariously through the OLD Pottermore - the one with all the cool games that has sadly been replaced by a new version that does not have any dueling or potion-making. She spends her rare free time catching up on sleep, biking around Minneapolis and eating too much soup. Mia gets most of her fashion tips from Queer Eye and you can find her loudly shouting at people in the voice of Jonathan Van Ness, the legend himself (this is true hunny). She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan and will tell you exactly why Han Solo is the TRUE hero of the films if ever prompted. All sarcastic jokes aside, Mia is excited for an amazing(ly busy) year!

Mia DiLorenzo, freshman apprentice

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