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Mia DiLorenzo

Mia DiLorenzo, an EHS sophomore, is thrilled to be returning to Zephyrus as a page editor.  When she isn’t lamenting over her lack of musical talent (and simultaneous love for musical theater), mumbling about the 14930823484 things she’s forgotten to do, or scrambling to finish her homework on four hours of sleep, she can be found rewatching Brooklyn 99 episodes or vehemently explaining exactly why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the best franchise of all time. A bit of a disorganized mess, she finds herself being the physical embodiment of the idea that “your life can't fall apart if you never had it together!” As stand-up comedy enthusiast, she can often be found watching Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Hasan Minhaj, Trevor Noah, and John Mulaney — which she might be watching while she’s supposed to be understanding her Precalculus homework (sorry Lenz). All sarcastic jokes aside, Mia is excited for an amazing(ly busy) year on staff! 

Mia DiLorenzo, Page Editor

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