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Max North
Max North, Art Editor, grill master, The Walking Dead fan, and most of the reason Panchero’s is still open for business. When he’s not working at Caribou, Max can often be found “on that 2k grind,” according to an inside source in reference to his addiction to NBA 2k18. Max is best known to his friends for his incredible punctuality. In fact, he was even early to his own birth- arriving at the hospital before even his mother. Max is involved in an ongoing feud with Mr. Kile over who has a more valid claim to the Publications Room. Judging by Max’s mural project, meant to mark his territory, he stands good odds. Although he was accepted to college only a month after his junior year ended, Max has chosen to instead pursue a career as a professional bottle-flipper. He’s been known to flip from miles away, and currently holds the world record for most flips in a single hour.

Max North, art editor

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