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Kyra Bergerud
As a proud Ravenclaw, avid reader, and coffee addict, it is no doubt that staff writer Kyra Bergerud has a notable presence at EHS as a nerd. Hovering at the above average height of 5’8.5, Kyra can often be seen running into people, walls, and falling over at every possible opportunity. With her biggest fears in life being Ferris wheels and Horses, it is evident that Kyra craves adventure. Ever since starting school, Kyra hated writing, and would do it as little as possible. So it only makes sense that she decided to become a staff WRITER on Zephyrus. As a big fan of contradictions, Kyra became a vegan even though she loved nothing in the world more than cheese. After 3 years of utter insanity, suffering, and finally defeat, Kyra took her first bite of mac and cheese as a vegetarian in the fall of 2016. Outside of school Kyra can be found doing ballet a lot, taking several naps, and drinking a large amount of green tea from an equally large collection of christmas mugs. Kyra is excited for a year on Zephyrus especially since it's early in the morning right after she's had her coffee.

Kyra Bergerud, page editor

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