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Emma Bailey
Emma Bailey, a senior at EHS, is always the loudest one in the room and is constantly blabbering about linguistics or promoting the Children of Divorce Club. She is routinely heard throughout the halls of EHS talking about PSEO assignments or expressing her constant confusion during AP Calculus BC. Despite Emma's skyscraping height of 5’3”, she remains a big-time dreamer. Guided by her love of travel and nomadic aspirations, Emma is always ready to talk adventure and will throw out a Where There Be Dragons sticker anytime someone is heard saying "gap year." Spontaneous plane ticket purchases are a must for Miss Bailey, with a monthly quota of at least seven. When asked about her journalistic style, Emma simply responded with her favorite Stephen King quote, “I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and Fries.” She is truly an inspiration to us all. Somewhat characteristically, her ideal meal consists of a single, raw Peruvian artichoke and a tall glass of 2% milk, despite her veganism and intolerance of lactose.

Emma Bailey, online editor-in-chief

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