Shin Bee Waldron

January 29, 2020

Zephyrus: What activities are you involved in?

Shin Bee Waldron: I do Model UN, Concert Orchestra, and I’m on the hip-hop team.

Z: What is your spirit animal?

SW: A cow. Cows are my spirit animal so I have cow [patterned] everything.

Z: What is your favorite season and why?

SW: Autumn because I love the colors of the trees and I like the weather because it’s not too cold or too hot.

Z: What is your go-to boba tea order?

SW: I love lychee peach tea with tapioca pearls in it. 

Z: What does being on Sweetheart’s Court mean to you?

SW: I think people appreciate my involvement in things. I don’t take it too seriously, I just want to have fun with it.

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