New products for sale at EHS store following pressure to provide essential supplies

April 10, 2021

The administration has recently faced demands from students that menstrual products be provided by Edina High School, with the rationale that they should be available free of charge due to their necessity. In a landmark decision following seven months of administrative debate, menstrual products such as pads and tampons will be sold at the school store starting Tuesday. A box of tampons from the school store is priced slightly higher than average, which Edina’s manufacturer attributes to “design choices;” a box of EHS branded tampons costs $18.49 in comparison to the typical cost of eight to nine dollars. Some students have been critical of the new product. “Personally I haven’t heard of these products before, but I’m not sure why the school would feel required to provide clothing from some trendy brand to students,” junior Clayton Marsden said of the sale of menstrual products. Profits haven’t been high thus far, but hope remains for the success of the product line.

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