Narnia: the best hangout spot in Edina

Sloane Nilsen, culture editor

“Guys, the police are here,” someone said as headlights emerged around the corner. An Edina Cop SUV wound its way to the top of Narnia. Shining his light into our faces, he surveyed us. With our eyes half closed, we squinted into the light, making it look like we were all high. However this was not the case. We had been trying to have a dance party.

Narnia, the parking lot on top of the Container Store, is notorious rumored to be a place for sex, drugs, and alcohol. People wishing to have a secluded place do to A, B, and/or C pick a location where they think they will not be caught. Usually you can find people hidden up there late at night doing one of the three. I can also guarantee that you will not find psycho, pale witches or mutant talking beavers up there. Sorry to break the news to you.

Why is the summit of the Container Store called Narnia? Maybe it’s because when people get high, they can feel like they were traveling to a far off place (such as Narnia). Or perhaps it’s because it was a secret place known only to a certain few for a long time. Few members of the Container Store actually know the truth of their building’s peak, according to the confused expressions you receive when you ask them about “Narnia.” Instantly, most people think about “The Chronicles of Narnia,” by C.S. Lewis.

Some students at EHS also hang out up there, or even have their own dance parties. “A car came and circled us up there when we were having one,” reported Heather Laedtke and Morgan Johnson. “The windows were rolled down and a baseball bat was hanging out the side.”

What is Narnia like during the day? Go find out for yourself! Literally nothing goes on up there. It’s just a parking lot used or people going to Pinstripes, the Container Store, Blick, or maybeCentennialLakes. It also provides a decent view of Minneapolis.

 So next time you’re thinking of doing a shady activity in Narnia, think twice. The police circulate the ramp once every hour. They will bust you.

 Narnia can be a spontaneous place to go to see the views and have fun during the night. Just take caution when you get to the top, you’ll never know what you’re going to find.