Meet the athlete: Casey Ott

Art Boettge, staff writer

Zephyrus: How did you get involved with soccer?

Casey Ott: I’ve just been playing since I was really young. I started out with house soccer, then moved on to travel.

Z: What is your favorite memory from playing soccer?

C.O.:  Other than this season, my favorite memory was when my team won state when I was a freshman on club soccer.

Z: What is the greatest lesson you have learned from soccer? 

C.O.: How to cooperate with other people, but also determination and hard work.

Z: What else are you involved in besides soccer?

C.O.: I play a lot of house flag football and basketball and I’m a hornet mentor.

Z: How do you balance playing soccer with the other activities you’re in?

C.O.: During the high school season I’m really busy, but I just try to set aside time every night for homework.

Z: What is your favorite part of playing soccer?

C.O.: The competition, getting to work really hard at something and then seeing it pay off.

Z: What position do you play?

C.O.: I play center mid and forward.

Z: Do you have any advice for younger players?

C.O.: Be determined and set goals for yourself.