Maggie Stotts

September 14, 2016


Grace Wolf

Maggie Stotts

Zephyrus: What does being on Homecoming Court mean to you?

Maggie Stotts: It is definitely an honor to be recognized… For people to believe that I am a genuinely a nice person and to vote for me is a big deal. It [being on court] is something I’ll remember forever so I’m super excited!

Zephyrus: Who is your role model and why?

M.S.: My mom. I love my mom so much, she’s like my best friend. If I could become half the mom she is, that’d be super cool.

Zephyrus: Which celebrity would you hang out with for a day?

M.S.: Definitely Taylor Swift! I love her songs. And Kanye West! Get them together.

Zephyrus: What are your extracurriculars and favorite activities?

M.S.: I play basketball and soccer…I’m on Windigo, the Buzz Club, the American Red Cross Club and Science Club!

Zephyrus: What inspires you to be genuine?

M.S.: Seeing how mean some people can be makes me never want to be like them. Being nice is something you can totally control.

Zephyrus: What is an embarrassing moment?

M.S.: One time, in middle school I was trying to impress this guy I had a crush on so I tried to run up a ramp of ice. I fell. Hit my head and slid down.

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